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22 February 2012

Linear spatial expansion of the Einstein spiral Ulamov --> Continue 1

We saw in the first Post:
1.Dimensions are separated to 3 Parts in different scales ( 3 by 3)
2. They are perfectly separated in progression order
3. Every Dimension has its own physical meaning
4. First 3 of all Dimensions have different Earth-like meaning
5. These Dimensions, as whole or separate, are developing the Spiral in Einsteins' physical meaning;
6. The "time-space" fourth Dimension is described this way --> plot is made by squares.

First of First Dimensions in Einstein meaning:
Click the picture for Full size !

If we are able to see a TEAR in Math of this, it is "Fluid in Space" as D(1,2,3) !!!     

23 February 2011

The Eleven (11 or XI ) digit


1 as Smallest part
2 as Direction
3 as Constructive part Digits!
5 as Wave

7 as the Circle

10 as Twisting ( Theory of Relativity ) + 1 Number!