Short Resume

          I am Svetoslav Ventzislavov Pavlov. I'm living in the region of Veliko Tarnovo,town of Veliko Tarnovo :
1986-1993: Primary School + private lessons in Math, Physics and British English, some Informatics;
1993-1997: High School -> Math, Physics, Informatics and  English as primary subjects;
1997-2003: Naval Academy at Varna -> mandatory military service and half-military Education in Navigation; retired by illness( not graduated );veteran-mariner. I've been to War 2 times plus one succesful civil marine mission on a Hard ship!(bachelor of Government Administration civilian admited)
2004-2008: University at Veliko Tarnovo -> advanced bachelor of Computer Sciences with honour( 240 ECTS );United Nations Corp;Veteran Civilian Programme(2005-until now) plus Lifelong Learning Programme;
2009-until now: Lifelong Learning Programme:
 -Astrophysicians invention NASA distant course, specialized in Quantum Physics;
-Programme Camelot nuclear and astro - physicians invention BAS distant course, passed with honour;
-Master qualification in Computer Multimedia;
-|Master qualification in Applied Computer Sciences;
-French language by pronouncement by English language;
-Italian language by pronouncement and reading by English language;
 -Professional German language learner;
-Cognitive Teology adapted.

2014 until 2020: Horizon2020 Scientific Expert of this kind of Issues.

2000-until now: positions in Orthodox spirituality scaled:
-small archon below approvement;
-small archon approved;
-big archon;
-main Archon;
-main Archon of the Greatest;
-Archigotes of Orthodoxality title achived;
-Orthodox Archduke.

I'm the last Prince of King Simeon of Republic of Bulgaria from December, 2014th

Health problems: Eye illnesses( I see well );Cancer to some parts of the body and blood( medical treated );Permanent gonorrhea(over 10 years from past - medical treatment);Sinusitis;Permanent tonsils(medical treatment);Two missing bones in the body;No one kidney;No prostates;Frost by frost;I'm after infarct and stroke a long time ago;I had typhoid and viral typhoid, that's why I have abnormal red and damaged stomach;I have not esophagus;Damaged voice;diabetes.

I speak British English well, some Russian and some American English as foreign Languages.



 I'm comparatively big Scientist !!!

Sincerely yours, Svetoslav Pavlov !