22 April 2015

18 April 2015

Distribution of light and shade

first visible layer is 5 :)
PR of ministry helped:

Prime Minister is never squared!!!

16 April 2015

03 April 2015

25 March 2015

3D Graphics

Helped and assisted Irina Pavlova, colegue in Computer Sciences by LLP(Horizon2020) and Sokrat programmes.

Tape of 3D Graphics: see Refraction of Light.
19NE view point, prime vectors of motion view are 19SW,19S, 19W 

09 March 2015

Newest computer perifery

                             How much are 5 fingers spread? You are able to get all the Computer mouses!


                                        What is the oposite of Infinity in space? You are able to get all the computer 3D Graphics!