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31 January 2014

It's nine !

The warning !

The Weather warning !

The warning Theory !

Possible solution:
We need satellite with "opposing shifting" Orbit ! I'm recommending NASA for sure and may be JAXA(recommended already by others from UN programme(Socrat) and military administration). Where:
opposing is calculated by (13,17,19) triangle in other sense than pictures, and shifting up and down Orbit are (13,15,19) triangle. Both triangles are "opposing shifting" Orbit when in one (complicated movement of satellite)!!! You need addition arm with Sphere to influence Atmosphere to prevent Weather cataclisms. NASA and ESA know the perfect levels of Earthquakes ( seismic activity ) - that's all ! It's just that you have to calculate everything with your Supercomputers at Space Agencies! NASA/JAXA satellites have the right Orbits. ESA, espesially UK - have the satellites to hold HAARP seismic weapon.

Cooperate the three Agencies and have good luck with your deals!!!

10th of February is your Deadline - remember to charge all satellites if I'm right. Ask your Navy - I've learned that Cataclysm situation with their sea - it's Deadly situation. Alaska is very well known by USA, Russia, all the Royals and UN.

Wish best luck and once more as for the last time we'll SUCCEED!!!
I'm Bulgarian, my Country we'll be harmed if nine happenes !!! :(:(:(
The Black Sea will directly go over half of my Republic of Bulgaria if it's NINE ! 

24 November 2011

Forces of Earth !

I. Theory of quantity in degrees: S-> distance (1 degree); V-> speed (grade 2) A-> acceleration (grade 3)

II. Theory of relativity on Spiral of Ulam: visible and demonstrates the Normans dimensionality N (root 2) to Einstein's theory on spiral Ulamov

III. Dimensional Normals -> dimensional tilted verticals p, q, r to the normal N, remaining normal (using a picture from NASA of the day) on the spiral Ulamov and to the modern theory of Einstein

Conclusion: The above serves to determine the forces on the spiral Ulamov with proper dimension to the theory of relativity of Einstein.

Forces of Earth sign

23 February 2011

The Eleven (11 or XI ) digit


1 as Smallest part
2 as Direction
3 as Constructive part Digits!
5 as Wave

7 as the Circle

10 as Twisting ( Theory of Relativity ) + 1 Number!