27 February 2014

GO GG,. In fight with the Devil

Part one


Raster Graphics RGB
red=1=1.0=>0:1 logic
green=1/4=0.25=>3:4 logic
blue=1/2=0.5=>1:2 logic
yellow=0=0.0=>2:3 logic

Vector Graphics [7,7] based on 1(square or vicinity)
red=(-5,5)=1.0=>0:1 logic
green=(0,0)=0.0=>3:4 logic
blue=(4,4)=0.8=>1:2 logic
yellow=(1,-5)=|-0.6|=0.6=>2:3 logic

I prooved that one colour is ONE in Raster or Vector graphics!
=> Corel Draw and Photoshop must be the same in colors even on printpress when you make a paper!

CMYK in True Color(dimensional physical RGB model in 3 Layers)[-> is "trough"]
Cyan->wave animated cyan->transparent cyan: Safety Cyan in Rich Colour
Magenda->wave animated magenda->transparent magenda: Safety Magenda in Rich Colour
Yellow->not colourful->yellow: Gold through Grafite
Key->not colourful->colourful: the Opal mineral
    The lifecircle is Key->Cyan->Yellow->Magenda->Key

C is 0:1 logic
M is 1:2 logic
Y is 2:3 logic
K is 3:4 logic

Gold is Father of all metals
Opal is Father of all stones
Grafite is the material possible to produce Gold
Grafite is considered between stone and metal

GOGG:Senegal flag in colors!!! It's cool and nature based :)

The Ocean is blue. What is the True Color of the sky ?

The end of Goji, LOL

23 February 2014

ROT>>>, 16-bit machine language and RGB colours

+-(I-(00.10.0-х-,where +- is first bit,and х is 0 или 1;I-bit is phase(calculates-not or Inv[bit inversion])
ROT>>>FF in the meaning of multiplication in 14 bits, wich is exact rotation
16-bit machine language-> 100.10.01(^)=1001.001(cubic /)=00+1.001.001(decimal +)=100.1001(decimal -)=10.01.0,01(decimal /)=10010.01(quadratic cubic /)!

19 February 2014

404 -> Page Not Found


3 digits
3.14+0 is Circle Pi
Computer is 0 1 - read George Bul math = Digit Square Math
404-.-(Ist digit is 4-1,IInd digit is 1 opposite of 0,IIIrd digit is 4+0)
100.10.01 is 7 digits *(and)=X 3-digit number IS EQUAL to 21: is &
Consequtive equal to:
q=p^2+p^1+p^0 by Bul, but in Bytes IS EQUAL to Coefficient A)01+10+100=7 and Coefficient B)01+10+100=13 in 3-bit digital system: is *
404<=>(4 to 3 is:100=4||9=0000100=V Roman number=9||4 => 4-1=3,i^1=2*1=1^2+1^2=2^1 is middle bit flag,0^1=1^1 is Real Number;it means 4=4+0=4)=3.14+0!

1.404 Page Not Found is EQUAL TO there is bit flag;
2.ROT>>> teoretical is ... infinite numer, where 100.10.01 is as foundation 2-bit Byte number of||13*) in meaning of quadratic or cubic EQUAL TO operators &(not bit and) And *(pointer)

Search for more practical use!!!