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23 February 2011

Neper Epsilon vicinity to Integral

The square ABCD with side of 2 units here is "arbitrary figure" on the Ulam spiral with center the origin Oxy. This figure is characterized by a double integral down her face Natural surroundings is (Epsilon) painted triangle - it consists of three scan points of Lagrangian point on the Ulam spiral. Center coincides with the beginning of the coordinate system of the drawing falls and center of gravity of the square ABCD (intersection of diagonals). On this drawing with figure so constructed triangle area Epsilon is the smallest and the largest such area of ABCD.

In three-dimensional convex polyhedron D, will have six two-dimensional view, and its surface will be characterized by a triple integral. Six views will be orthogonal projections, which may be given on the spiral Ulamov analogous to ABCD ...

ABCD rectangle

ABCD – Speed-Gravitational-BC-CD rectangle

AD perpendicular to F, BC perpendicular to CD

point О ? cross of diagonals; point of Gravitational twist
sqrt of 3: