24 November 2011

Forces of Earth !

I. Theory of quantity in degrees: S-> distance (1 degree); V-> speed (grade 2) A-> acceleration (grade 3)

II. Theory of relativity on Spiral of Ulam: visible and demonstrates the Normans dimensionality N (root 2) to Einstein's theory on spiral Ulamov

III. Dimensional Normals -> dimensional tilted verticals p, q, r to the normal N, remaining normal (using a picture from NASA of the day) on the spiral Ulamov and to the modern theory of Einstein

Conclusion: The above serves to determine the forces on the spiral Ulamov with proper dimension to the theory of relativity of Einstein.

Forces of Earth sign

Dimensional Normals

Twisting of Normals to inner Dimensions !
o ->Planet Nibiru on N after 21 december 2012 ; up on Z axis
NASA picture of the day !

Miniaturization and multiple speed in Processors

This can be considered as inner parts( Square roots ) of 14 !

New Generation Jina( Jijo, Johnson, John )

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