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23 February 2011

Nibiru is coming... get the Cross, get the third Point !

So, it's coming ! Coming soon, coming later - coming May !

We assume the Earth is not moving around its axis ! That's the cross...
I chase Nibiru. You see its first appearance at I, fires over russia and Australian disaster at II-III. You'll see Nibiru itself on the sky at point III with some strong winds for several days. You'll see it every day between points III-E !
What do we have here ?! - Getting the projection it's Othogonal. You now Orbit of a Planet - it's Elliptical. You see points of twisting on the picture. You need two or three Professional observations to take the exact Orbit of this Brown Dwarf Planet.
You know the vicinity of "a" and the Top of the Ellipse( point E ). This means you know the Exact Orbit of it ! No more Main Theories - just ONE ! The X center of the Elliptic Orbit is suggested a Black hole...
Finally, you see December 2012. The telescopes are already there on the South pole, owned by the space Agencies, waiting for it. It will get back through Z axis UP after this date, I still don't know the back Orbit on my Pictures.
Point E is kind of a third Lagrangian point !
Nibiru is 5 times bigger than the Moon !
As you see the angularity lines, they are rotated. If assumed these are forces, nothing that disaster alike will happen :) . This, on other side doesn't allow us to say it's third "static" Lagrangian point.
It is coming !!!