07 November 2014

Virtual Language Processor only by digits !

There are three Golden rations:
1. 1 to 9 spiral
2. 1 to 6 parts
3. All the diagonals by the dimensions of the spiral

You are able to type a Virtual Language Processor on this basis !!!

02 September 2014

Digital sphere

All the digits and the squares of cross are sphere based !

If you need a lattice(window), you have to say the purpoise !!!

07 August 2014

One short pseudoscript

0110=8 the number interpretes 8-bit byte with 5 with weight, but short (+-) in the start and wide 5 symbolizing high tetrade in 16-bit byte.
[+25+)))~5 in C++ pseudocode ! :)

I try to post once weekly, but I'm very ill at the moment - hard pills right now. Have fun !

05 July 2014

My Computer and Multimedia: see and look!

14*14 is Multimedia(Graphic cards), this one 9*10 is Computer(Microprocessor).

Look and see through Computer as by Human Eye!

Come on, give it a try!