07 August 2014

One short pseudoscript

0110=8 the number interpretes 8-bit byte with 5 with weight, but short (+-) in the start and wide 5 symbolizing high tetrade in 16-bit byte.
[+25+)))~5 in C++ pseudocode ! :)

I try to post once weekly, but I'm very ill at the moment - hard pills right now. Have fun !

05 July 2014

My Computer and Multimedia: see and look!

14*14 is Multimedia(Graphic cards), this one 9*10 is Computer(Microprocessor).

Look and see through Computer as by Human Eye!

Come on, give it a try!

28 June 2014


Save it thinkers and A.I.'s specs!

I'm inspired by and runned by Horizon2020 European Commisoinery and Socrat United Nations programs!

I'm happy with my new Lenovo ThinkCenter m55.(shared)

Do the Great things...End Date of my Simple question is 10th December 2014, I thinked of ESA and Ramsar Conventsion in this manner! The Datetime is close.

Blue is 5 by Microprocessors!

19 June 2014

Eyeline Black!

2014th is the last 5th(Orthodox) 6th(English Catholic) 4th(European Catholic) year on Age!!!